About THC

I am Tricia Hope Cassidy.  

Who am I?

I am a tall Montanazon, a warrior woman from the state of Montana.

I have led multiple lives in my short time on this planet.   I have had to become more than I am, and I have borne witness to what really goes on in this country, rather than the media's portrayal what goes on in this country.  I am an INFJ/INFP even split personality type. I am a Beta personality that usally likes to follow, but in the absence of true leadership I will become more than I am to be what is needed instead of what I need to be.  I have multiple talents and could pursue a career in any field I want to, but choose specifically to put my efforts into the future, because I have been granted a period of time to pursue my passions, and my passion is to make it so we can live beyond the death of our solar system.   I want to achieve things as a people, and I need to be accepted regardless of the path I have taken to get where I am.   I am not perfect, but at least I'm trying.  Trying to find my path has been the most difficult journey for me, and I am broken and tattered from my efforts.  But still, I remain steadfast in my quest to better myself and better the people around me.

My Personal life is no one's business but my own, but if you truly wish to discuss morality, you better come at me with more than a 1500 year old book, and a look of condemnation. You better come at me with an ethical resolve of actually being human and figuring things out, because I'm tired of submitting to a morality given by a supreme being who has been absent from the pages of that book since the dark ages.  My spirituality is that of the living Universe.  My God is literally everything that exists, and will ever exist, and the reality I have been given is that of kind deeds, righteous words, and righteous actions, and if you can't behave by your own morality, then its not me that needs that book thrown at them, its you.

My Idols, those that I aspire to, aside from my Parents and My Friends, are Thomas Jefferson, Leonardo DaVinci, George Washington, Martin Luther King Jr., John F. Kenedy, John Adams, John Rawls, Walt Disney, Kesha, Ruth Bader Ginsberg, Janette Rankin, and everyone that has contributed to the greatness of this country, without diminishing the contributions of others.

I may have a crush on Kesha, but listen to her music and understand that the feeling most of it vibrates to is that of my heart and soul.  She has captured my spirit in song, and I admire her for that.

I desperately want to use her music in my campaign.


Picture Collage of Tricia


This is my chosen form of fashion.  This is what I want to look like.   I live in the future.... I'd like to start acting like it.   Just like with my fashion I have been sketching and drawing the worlds I see for tomorrow, and I'd like the chance to bring my visions to reality.

Full Captions to Come soon!

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