Campaign of Ideas

Campaign of Ideas

This will Be the place I put down my original ideas.  I've been working on these for 16 years, and I think I have some ideas that could revolutionize the world, if put into place.  But I want to make them even better.  If you think you have an idea that would benefit mankind, and you believe it is something that should be shared with the world, I welcome your ideas!  Even if others have laughed at you or turned you away, no idea is dumb, each one is an exploration of the possible.  

A couple Ideas that are food for thought

I designed an Infrastructure and City based on the concepts presented by Disney's EPCOT (The Community/City) and then heavily modified.  This City and Utility System could replace our aging infrastrucuture with triple redundant, multiple use infrastructure space, and shared heating and cooling costs.  The entire Structure is Faraday Caged ( for both Nuclear Winter Possibilities, and Solar Storm Possibilities, and the construction methods are such that you feed it resources and manpower and it builds itself.  If we build this on the border with Mexico and Canada, and connect them, this could be the way to energy independence, water security, and border security at the same time.  If we use the space for refugees and the "Tired Weary Huddled Masses" it could even be a whole new Elllis Island for the next generation.  I for one would live as one of the members of this City and Infrastructure as the lowest member of that society, rather than the highest of the society we have now.  Each person can choose thier facade or build a manufactured home to take with them from the infrastructure.   The City doubles as a Social Service, helping people who fall out of the Capitalist system to get back on their feet, and then reintroduce them to that system with enough resources to thrive, or it creates a way of life that is better than the current poverty levels for those on the bottom rungs of society.

-These are some of the Designs for the City-


Super Utility Cross Section 1

Super Utility (Above)

Auto Gardener Type I

Auto Gardener Type I (Above)

Domicile Dock

Domicile Dock Mark I (Above)

Facaded Domicile

Facaded Domicile (Above)

Single Domicile Overview

Overview of Domicile with Facade (Above)

Interior of Domicile

Interior Suggestion for Domicile (Above)

Bedroom and Bathroom for Domicile

Interior Bedroom/Bathroom Mockup Domicile Type I (above)

Chicken Coop From the Domicile

Chicken Coop from the Domicile (Above)

Chicken Coop and Fish Hatchary

Chicken Coop and Fish Hatchary Type I (Above)


The Basics of Human Sexuality, from someone that has explored the true spectrum of sexuality.

Human Sexuality

The True Spectrum of Sexuality and Gender is quite expansive.  Gender is societal while Sex is biological.  (Above)


I have bins of drawings I am attempting to scan in.  But it is taking a very long time.  I will be updating this section frequently.   I have also found some workaround for issues we haven't even fully faced yet.   Trust me when I say I am putting my best efforts into this, because I believe our survival depends on it.


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