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My Political Beliefs, on hotbutton issues are important to voters.   I am therefore going to try to explain how I make decisions in this area of the website.  My original ideas will be under the "Campaign of Ideas" Section.   And even if its not me that brings them to bear for all, I don't mind if others do it through not for profit business models.

This section under construction.


In deciding what Political Party to follow I made the following Observations


Republican Elephant


A Party that belives the Economy is King, and whose boom and bust mentality has gotten us into trouble on multiple occasions.  Trickle down theory doesn't work, otherwise income inequality would be getting better, not worse.  I found trickle down to evoke images of a Ruling class pissing on the common folk.  I find this economic policy deplorable, and the gerrymandering by this party to stay in power makes me physically sick.  I understand nationalism to a degree, but when you believe you and your chosen peers are truly above everyone else, it is everyone that pays for your lack of foresight.  I find most people to belong to this party over a decision about Women's choice, an equally deplorable topic, because it has been expressed in Propoganda so long, the arguement has lost its merit.   To see only from the top down, is to believe yourself better than your peers, and while I walk a fine line thinking the same thing, Morally, because of my worldview and its forced awakening, I remember to temper it as a reaction to this party's take on who is worthy and who is not.   It seems this party is about getting their way and their way alone.  I could not in good conscience support this party because their economic policies provide the econoomy that drives people to not want to have kids.   I find it interesting that if you were to solve the economic woes and fearmongering, you might actually solve Women's Rights at the same time.  The people that make up this party are good people, I just think fear has them doing some bad things.  I want them on my side, but I don't want to support completely their viewpoint, although I believe it has a place and time.  The competitive nature of capitalism and the markets, with the melting pot of American Ideas, drove us to win the Cold War, the Great War and World War II.  Without these ideals America Crumbles, without the "flyover states" we lose our breadbasket.


Democratic Donkey


A Party that lost me when they stole an election for a person that had my loyalty.  I was a fan of the first family of this party.  I thought their campaigns were better, and their insights profound.  Especially on equality and assistance for those that can't do the things that others can accomplish.  There is a place for everyone in this society, and everyone in this society deserves a place.  Not merely for the merits of their actions by the views of all, but for the merits of their actions as viewed by the individual.  The Democrats had my loyalty, and they squandered it by using Super Delagates to force an adgenda.  Don't get me wrong, it was stupid they had to take those measures, but I understood why they did, and still don't agree with it, with all of the facets of who I am.   Sexism sucks.   But it cannot be the sole motivator in an election, nor a sole reason to steal one.  The primary showed that this party is corrupt.  They lost me as a member completely in the 2016 Election.  The people that make up this party are good people, I just think power has them doing some bad things.  I want them on my side, but I don't want to support completely their viewpoint, although I believe it has a place and time.  The cooperative nature of trust busting, breaking things up that are "too big to fail", supporting the rights of those we may not agree with, public works projects, and the true melting of the melting pot of American Ideas, allowed us to get out of the Great Depression, to get through the Dustbowl, Strive for Equality in labor and pay, as well as in societal endevours, and to overcome our own prejudices.  This party too, has a time and a place, but sometimes it compromises before the arguement has even begun.


I chose to support neither party in 2020, but to try something different. 

Don't get me wrong...

Each party has its role to play.

This time I want to try harnessing the greatness inside each one, by finding a compromise position that helps both achieve their goals.  A dialectical median to American Politics that may not be exactly what either want, but supports the possibility each has to give.


To mangle pop Culture References:

I want to King Solomn this country, so, someone prop me up so I can LeeLoo this bitch, before the Dark Planet destroys all life in the Universe.  Help Me Obi-Wan Kenobi.... You're My Only Hope



I will be writing about the following issues in the days to come

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